Ever the streamlining savant, Danielle discovered her passion for stage management and producing early: when she realized that the creative minds surrounding her needed a little structure to create their magic on the stage. Always ready to geek out over her next excel spreadsheet, she finds great joy in using effective communication to simplify the production process and take the weight off of other artists' shoulders so that they may move mountains in their own right.

Danielle has recently fallen head over heels for stage combat work,

and continues rolling forward with work as a Fight Captain and

pursuing further education in hand-to-hand combat and rapier & dagger.

Danielle currently resides in Austin, TX - armed with a BFA from

Texas State University and the desire to 'see a need-fill a need!'

Danielle is a founding member of Sarah Street Collective; a new, Chicago-bound

theatre company committed to producing new and diverse works from a resident

company of multifaceted artists. She currently presides as the treasurer for the



"We know what we are, but know not what we may be."

- William Shakespeare