Danielle is currently starring in a newly devised piece, entitled "Dandelion."

Dandelion is the newest collaboration between Bottle Alley and The VORTEX. This unique interactive experience takes the form of an online digital auction with performance elements consisting of ephemera and occult objects from within the Farm Road Coven universe, curated by coven member Morgan Moxley (portrayed by Danielle Grisko).

Performances shall consist of three free unique short broadcasts (May 20th - 22nd) followed by three rebroadcasts (May 23rd - 25th). Both the performances as well as the auction items will be available on Rallyup.com

The auction items are divided into four categories: Books, Art, Ephemera and Cursed Objects. These objects consist of both rare one-of-a-kind ephemera from within the coven universe as well as items generously donated by Austin artists in support of The VORTEX.

Dandelion was created by Chris Fontanes, Danielle Grisko and Amber Wilson. Written and directed by Chris Fontanes. Starring Danielle Grisko as Morgan Moxley. Stage Managed by Amber Wilson. Produced by The VORTEX and Bottle Alley Theatre Company.


Dandelion Poster High Def.JPG